NASCAR 600 - Tuesday 24th September 2019

At the end of September, Southend Slot Racing Club held one of its regular four times a year special events. Superbly organised and run by Graham Robinson, here is Graham's report of the SSRC NASCAR 600.....

A very tight race and a great result for everyone. The story of the race was as follows:

At the end of heat #1 the order was Scuderia Vermicelli (Joel Thura, Richard Powell, Graham Robinson), Estuary Equipe (Tony Avis, Colin 'Razor' Wilkinson, Ian 'Biscuit' Castleton), Scuderia Italia (Mark & Josh Nicholson) and SSRC (Alan Shawe, Vic Bettell).

By the end of heat #4 it was all change and SSRC nabbed the lead. By the end of heat #5 Scuderia Vermicelli completed their slow decline into 4th place. Not to be outdone Estuary fought back to retake the lead at the break.

SSRC took a temporary lead at the end of the first heat after the break (heat #7). This fired up Estuary Equipe and they came back at them to retake the lead at the end of heat #8 and never gave it up to record a solid victory.

Still Alan and Vic never gave up and only 1 lap and 15 parts separated the teams going into the last heat.

Congratulation to Tony, Colin and Ian for a well deserved victory. Two teams cracking the 600 lap target and it could have been three with Mark and Josh just 3 laps and 12 parts adrift.

Well done everyone. The race almost ran to schedule but that was down to me. I need to look at reducing the race time as the 600 laps came up 1min 44secs early.

Here is the full result from the evening's festivities.......

Estuary Equipe     -    Tony, Colin & Ian
617.00 laps
Southend SRC     -     Alan & Vic
611.08 laps
Scuderia Italia     -    Mark & Josh
596.24 laps
Scuderia Vermicelli     -    Joel, Richard & Graham
568.02 laps
Southend SRC
8.093 secs.

Many thanks to Vic for the refreshments at the break.

Thanks again for your support.

Graham Robinson

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