Friday 29th December 2017

We were expecting a better turnout but seasonal weather, colds and Flu took their toll and 6 racer lined up for the start of the Earlybirds qualifying heats. Some very close racing ensued and as Alan said “It certainly focuses the concentration” to keep the cars on the track.

At the end of qualifying, the “Finals” line up were ‘A’ Alan, Mark, Graham ‘B’ John, Tony, Ian. John won the ‘B’ Final and took Yellow Lane in the ‘A’ Final.

The 25 lap ‘A’ Final was won by Alan, 2nd: Graham, 3rd: John, 4th: Mark.

As the Earlybird event finished earlier than planned, we filled the time to the lunch break with 6 heats for “Mini Racing” which gave those with the 2018 spec cars a chance to give them a run. At the end, the jury was out whether the Mack chassis cars were better than the resin chassis. Time will tell !!!

Andy and Joel arrived during the lunch break and at 2 o’clock, 4 teams headed off at the start of the NASCAR 600 Enduro. The race format was to complete 600 laps in 90 minutes. That meant 8 heats of 11 min 25sec. Unfortunately, as we discovered, the Race Control programme is only capable of handling whole minute heats. 11 min heats would be too short to achieve 600 laps so we erred on the side of caution and went for 12 minute heats.

As expected, Southend SRC shot off into the lead with Alan on the trigger achieving an eye-watering 83.20 laps and the fastest lap of the day at 8.292 sec. Race over? Not a bit. Anything could happen. The chasing pack kept the pressure on, culminating in heat 7 being the most competitive. Joel for Southend Equipe took the honours with 80.14 laps from Alan on 80.05 laps and John for Colchester in 3rd on 79.04 laps. At the end of heat 7 Southend SRC were on 562 lap needing only 38 laps to reach the 600 lap target.

Unfortunately trying to do race control, drive and do mental arithmetic at the same time is not a good idea. I missed the point at which Southend SRC reached 600 laps.

Congratulation to Alan and Mark on a well deserved victory.


Team Competition - 96 minutes

2 drivers - 4 x 12 minutes each

SOUTHEND S.R.C. - Alan Shawe, Mark Nicholson
SOUTHEND EQUIPE - Joël Thura, Graham Robinson
COLCHESTER - John English, Andy Croft
ESTUARY EQUIPE - Tony Avis, Ian Castleton

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